Meet Our Staff

Ruben Vera, Advertising Sales Marketing/Advertising concepts

Ruben Vera

Advertising Sales Marketing/Advertising concepts

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Diane Bland, Buyers' Guide & Classifieds Editor

Diane Bland

Buyers' Guide & Classifieds Editor

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Rodger Bland, Managing Editor

Rodger Bland

A 25-year veteran of the transmission rebuild industry, Rodger began his career with GEARS Magazine in 1995 as the production manager. In 2001, he became the Magazine's Managing Editor. In additon to his work with GEARS, Rodger helped create, implement and continues the development of What's Working - A.T.R.A's ongoing industry study and business management programs. Rodger holds a bachelor of science degree in Business Management.

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Jeanette Troub, Senior Designer

Jeanette Troub

Jeanette Troub is the Senior Graphic Designer for GEARS Magazine. She works on a daily basis with the Managing Editor, CEO, and Techs to provide the latest and greatest tech information to the industry. She brings her award winning design to Gears Magazine that puts it in competition with the high end magazines. Her clean cut, eye-catching look helps the reader get the information that he/she may be wanting fast. Jeanette lives with her husband and son in Ventura California. Jeanette is an Area Manager in Fashion with her jewelry sales that she does in her spare time. She also takes photography on the side with some of them published in GEARS, other books and on different websites.

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