Orifice Calculator

The Orifice calculator allows you to increase or decrease an orifice two ways: By adding or subtracting an orifice dimension or by percent. For example, if you create an orifice in an apply piston, such as a servo, in order to allow cross-leaking oil to escape when the servo isn’t applied you can add that orifice dimension to the feed orifice to make up the difference of the leak you created by adding the orifice in the piston. Or, if you’re experimenting with orifices for performance enhancements you can increase or decrease the original orifice size based on percent. This allows you to use an accurate dimension as you experiment with orifice size for performance.

Orifice Increase
Original Size
Area 0.0021
Orifice Increase
New Orifice Size 0.060
Area 0.0028
Percentage of Increase
New Orifice Size 0.056
Area 0.0024
Orifice Decrease
Original Size
Area 0.0035
Orifice Decrease
New Orifice Size 0.057
Area 0.0026
Percentage of Decrease
New Orifice Size 0.064
Area 0.0032