I Saw It At The Show

In case you missed ATRA's 2012 Powertrain Expo or need more information from an exhibitors you can view it here. Another feature of TOTAL ACCESS to the Transmission Repair Industry, from your friends at GEARS.

A&Reds Transmission Parts                                                   Adapt-A-Case

Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants                                                     ATK and Parts, LLC

ATRA BookStore                                                                         Automotive Reseach & Design-AR&D

Autoshop Solutions, Inc.                                                           BAAN Powertrain Corp.

Boss Products USA/Rapid Fix                                                 CARFAX

Casiba Tools                                                                              Certified Transmission

DCM Tech Corp.                                                                         Educational Seminars Institute (ESi)

ETE Reman                                                                                 EVT Parts

Exedy Friction Technics                                                            Ford Customer Service Div.

Gandrud Parts Center                                                              G-Cor Automotive

GEARS Magazine                                                                      GearSpeed

GFX Corp.                                                                                   G-Tec Inc.

Hayden Automotive                                                                   Hot Flush LLC

Jasper Engines & Transmissions                                        JDS Worldwide

KRS International                                                                     Lubegard-Stellar

Management Success                                                            Mudlick Mail

Mustang Advanced Engineering                                            NATPRO

Northland Transmission Inc.                                                 Omega Machine & Tool, Inc.

PDQ Transmission Parts                                                       Performance Products & Machining (PPM)

PML, Inc.                                                                                     Powertrain Control Solutions

Precision of New Hampton                                                    ProfitBoost Software LLC

PROTORQUE                                                                           PTM Electronics

Raybestos Powertrain                                                            Rostra Precision Controls, Inc.

Seal Aftermarket Products                                                     Slauson Transmission Parts

Smart Blends by Life Auto                                                      Sonnax

Sonnax Road Show                                                                Superior Transmission Parts, Inc.

Sussex Auto Parts                                                                   Teckpak-Fitzall

TRNi - Transmission Rebuilders Network                         Transtar Industries

Valeo Services North America                                               VBX-Valve Body Xpress

Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts                                ZAMCO Tools USA

ZF Services, LLC