What's working and Fixit Forums

The Gears What’s Working and Fixit forums are a terrific way to share business and technical information with other transmission-repair professionals.

If you are a consumer, please go to the ATRA Consumer site . An ATRA technician will contact you regarding your questions. 

The GEARS forums are list serve-style forums; you ask a question or make a comment, and the forum broadcasts it to the rest of the forum subscribers… with a few added features.

Want to be notified any time someone posts? Only specific subjects? Once a week? Once a month? No problem! You choose the settings for when you want to be notified. Limit your notification to certain subjects, or take it all in. You choose how often you want to receive notifications, and whether you want a summary of what’s going on in your forum.

And with the GEARS forums, all posts are categorized by subject . and choose the subject that interests you; then see who said what to whom.

No more organizing the posts yourself; the forum handles that, and you control how you receive notice. It’s a more convenient way to keep in touch with like-minded technicians or business operators just like you.

Want to get a better feel for how the GEARS forums will work? Sign on now and take a look around.

Gears Online offers two different forums: Fixit and What's working.

For technical discussions select the Fixit forum.